FLV Plugin for WordPress

Everything is created directly from your WordPress Blog. There are no coding skills required. If you can post text to your blog you probably have all the skills you need to publish Flash Videos as well.

Just like most useful plugins, you will be up and running in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is…

  1. Download the Plugin.

  2. Upload it to your WordPress Blog’s plugin folder.

  3. Activate the Plugin.

Now you’re ready to start publishing FLV files to your Blog. It’s that simple.

In fact, here is a Demo Video that was added with the plugin in less than 10 seconds. It’s really that easy.

… So, How much does this amazingly powerful yet simple to use Plugin cost?

Just like our other top selling software, we’ve been urged to not price it too low.

We know that we could easily sell it for $97 and because this product is so unique it would be worth every last penny. In fact, that’s the exact price point that numerous industry professionals have advised us to use.

The good news for you is that we’ve decided to do something totally different. The price is going to be a small fraction of that. The actual price of the FLV Plugin is going to be a mere $47.

We know that we could sell it for well more than that but we are planning to penetrate the marketbecause this product is so unique.

However, for a limited time we’re dropping it to our lowest price on any product ever.

In fact, to get this amazingly powerful yet simple to use plugin… The FLV Plugin is currently offered at a small introductory price of only $27.

I know, it’s insanely low but don’t forget we’re planning to penetrate the market with this plugin so it’s currently offered at our Rock Bottom Price.

We fully realize that competitors will blatantly copy our software. It happens every time we release something. Before the clones are released we’re practically giving it away.

Keep in mind that this is an introductory price and we will be increasing the price very soon.

** I’m sure you’re wondering if this Unbelievably low price is per Blog.

The answer is NO. This is for you the owner of the plugin. If you have 5 blogs, you can use it on all 5 blogs. If you have 100, you can use it on all 100 WordPress Blogs. It will be licensed to you so it can be used on any blog that You Own.

And if you’re not sure, you have a full
100% Money Back Guarantee.


We know this is not common to offer for Software Applications or Plugins but we’re so confident in the FLV Plugin that we’re willing to back it up with a 100% Guarantee. It really is that good.


  • Click the button below and place your order for FLV Plugin…
  • Download the plugin, install and activate it on your WordPress Blog…
  • Use our easy-to-use interface…
  • Start Publishing your FLV Files on your blog…
  • Upload the files to your hosting account…


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FLV Plugin is curently offered at an
introductory price of only $27.

(Download Is Available Immediately After Purchase!)

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